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La Danse c ´est ce qui se passe entre une chose et une autre "D.Dupuy"

Curriculum Vitae
17_3 in neuem licht 6.1 x stefania tanzfabrik day 1 x ludger storcks x ( smaller version )
©Rudi Berr


I'm a contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer en route to Berlin since 2013, with an eclectic artist background. My poetic ensues from different sources, dance, theatre, clown to circus and improvisation.  Graduated in 2008 at the C.I.M.D. in Milan, I has deepened my studies  in Contemporary dance and Instant Composition between Berlin and Amsterdam.

Fascinated by human social behavior since my early days in street-theater, I am interested in the processes of relationship and communication. I found myself acting in this realm, when I turned my attention to the perceived space, as a sonic space, including voice in my research. Attracted by the product of this observation, I now continue along this road, still going, making, transforming and be transformed.

I have been dancing, working and teaching since my graduation in 2008 at the C.I.M.D. in Milan. From Italy in theatres (Las Fura dels Baus,  the Statal Theatre Maggio Fiorentino-Florence) and smaller companies, to Berlin and the Instant Composition. I could journey between working with different artists since when I have been arrived in Berlin. Interdisciplinary performative composition with its practices, is for me the perfect field to investigate the relationship between the I and the Others in a quickly changing reality.  Thus creating pieces as a solos or with collectives, such as the ensemble One:Third - winner of the prize 100°Berlin 2015 - and I have taken part to several festivals and stages (Sophiensaele, Sound Dance, Labor Grass, Ackerstadt Palast, Floating University, Stettin -Poland, Fusion). I have been collaborating with artists such as Katie Duck, among dancers, musicians and visual artists between Berlin and Amsterdam.

My work as a teacher is inspired by my personal research into movement as well as in conveying body awareness. Sharing what dance is to me is the basis from which I start and on which I myself learn. With a diploma in dance pedagogy and a certificate specifically for children, I teach technique and improvisation to adults and creative dance to even very young children.

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