As a child I wanted to be a ballerina.

After I met  contemporary  dance and the school of Franca Ferrari in Milan, and  later the Instant Composition (Blue Company, Julien Hamilton, Maya M.Carroll).

Now I am  working as a dancer, maker and dance-teacher in Berlin where I moved in 2013

Although I have worked in the past with other artistic forms, such as clowning and street theatre, dance remains for me the key to understanding my coming along the life. It´s a way to approach reality. Whatever form it takes, it is going into a realness aspect. When I turned my reflections towards the relationship between internal dynamics of the body and external ones, between musicality and inner vibrations, included the voice, I discovered myself acting on the field of social relations and communication. Attracted by the product of this observation, I now continue along this road, still going, making, teaching, trasforming and be trasformed.

I got my degree in Dance and Pedagogy in 2008 by Franca Ferrari's C.I.M.D. (International Movement and Dance Center) in Milan. This was followed by studies with several choreographers and training in different dance techniques included Instant Composition. I have been making dance and pieces as solos or with collectives, as well as being part in small or big companies (The Catalan Las Fura dels Baus and the Statal Theatre Maggio Fiorentino-Florence, The Loom dance Company-Prato, The Christine Bonansea Company in Berlin). I am co-founder of the dance ensemble  One:Third (preis 100°Berlin Festival 2015) and of the collective SnowtraesurefigureBones . I am active as improviser on the Berlin scene and I am constantly experiencing new collaborations in live-performances with musicians, composers, dancers and visual artists.

Meanwhile I work on my own pieces (Proxima, premiered on 02.02.2018- Dock11) and teach to adults and (even very young) children.

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