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Proxima is a qualifying adjective of the verb to be.
It is an extension in space on a voice thread.
It is a referential pose on passing words
That resonates on skin, being and memorial mold.

Proxima is a performance project in which dance music and poetic text mix and transform themselves, space and imagination. By approaching the spoken word through the medium of dance, its semantic side loses importance in favour of its emotional component and the evocative power of sound.
It connects surrounding and inner perceptions using the word and the voice as the main element of unification.
Proxima was born in 2018 thanks to the  collaborative work of  the composer and vocalist Rieko Okuda, and the participation of Denis Dilek (electronics). 

A second edition was conceived for Acker Stadt Palast in 2019

The second review of the project want the collaboration of the singer Elisabetta Lanfredini. Thanks to the DIS-TANZEN Fund in February 2022, the work was resumed and focused more on texts including poetic extracts by Shirin Neshat and Hamdah Khamis, Mariangela Gualtieri and  Luce Irigaray. Languages: Italian, German, English, Arabic.
First & second edition
Rieko Okuda - Voice, Piano
Stefania Petracca - Dance
New review:
In 2022 it has been recognized from the culture and media of the federal german government by the founding program DiS-TANZEN
Collaborators: Marialuisa Capurso (voice) Adolfo La Volpe (composer)

Concept:Stefania Petracca
Music and main collaborator: Rieko Okuda - Voice, Piano
Dance: Stefania Petracca

First Edition:
01.02.2018 Dock 11, Berlin SounDance Encounters
Together with the Electronics Musician: Deniz Dilek
Photos ©Dieter Hartwig

Second Edition:
Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin - "IN DUO NIGHT: TRIPLE BILL" Evening shared with: Manuela Lucia Tessi and Vilbjørg Broch"Unfolding"- Gábor Hartyáni and Ben Brown: Duet. Light: Emese Csornai
Technical residency: THE WORKROOM, Milan - promoted by Fattoria Vittadini in collaboration with Fondazione Milano Scuole Civiche
Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, OFFENE BHÜNE- @WERKSTATTBÜHNE 003Wallstraße 32/haus c, 10179 Berlin, Germany.
WInner in 2022 of the founding programm DIS-TANZEN
Photos ©Daniel Devecioclu

Feb 1, 2022


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