Vibrations: Improvisation Practices

The practice of improvisation techniques enables the ability to achieve skills in the art of immediate composition.

I share my experience in the process of creation and research from my last performance project: Proxima


A dancing body is a body in a constant state of changing tension, and this tension is related to vibrations. Topic of the work are vibrations of sound and voice connected with movements as experienced in different proximal attentions. We will activate our perceptions while working in proximity of our sensorial capacities, beginning with the skin – both boundary and connection with the environment at once. The intention is to produce a sensorial space where we can train and work on different levels: perceptive, imaginative, physical, psychic. A space that reaches the gateway between the inside and the outside, in order to find possibilities of sharing and comunicating. The material of the class comes from a previous lab with a musician and uses tools of improvisation to create compositions in real time. We will use a dancing body, its inner sense of time and tension, to reach a field where movements can relate to sound through a constantly changing space.

Others dates:

2/3.02.19  15h -18h

Studio 142 - Bethanien



Profitraining in Dock11



Tranining focused on Istant Composition

Lake studios


30.06 06.07 13.07 Tanzbasis

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