Instant-Composition duet with Gábor Hartyáni-cello

Words, music & dance

Proxima minor, suite for Cello and Body

Stefania and Gabor are working togheter from 2017, since they met in Amsterdam.They create site specific instantly composed performances inspired by the theme, topic or atmosphere of every individual event. With "Proxima minor", they involve the public in a journey where new landscapes are evoked by memories in foreign languages, music and dance. The specificity expressed in their original languages does not refer to objective meaning, but becomes the medium for transversal communication. It provokes a continuous process of interpretation and imaginative actions, as much for the authors as for the spectators.

Gábor Hartyáni (1987) plays the cello since he was 7 and got in contact with improvisation 15 years ago. Since then his musical attention shifted toward instant composition, jazz, experimental, noise, contemporary, psychedelic, urban and world music.

Stefania Petracca works as dancer, maker and dance-teacher in Berlin since 2013. Graduated in dance, choreography and pedagogy at CIMD in Milan, she has been making dance and pieces as solos, in collectives and in small or big companies. She is active on the Berlin scene as improviser, constantly experiencing multidisciplinary collaborations in live- performances. She is currently working on body research, investigating the authenticity of movement and its communicative potential.





10.10 2019  Common Ground, Tanzfabrik, Berlin

10.11.2019  URBAN Performance Series #4 , Urbanraum - Berlin

02.06.2018 Performance Night in Kühlspot Social Club Berlin

12.05.2018 Festival internazionale della Poesia di Milano

16.06.2018 multi-sensory experience:  Music*Dance*Painting

in Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

08.03.2018 I am not your Muse, New York 59, Berlin 


©Carolina D'Ambrosio