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Cisternino, Puglia-ItalyEmbodying Landscapes presents a site-specific performance in Cisternino.
Cicada is the result of an intensive workshop with professionals and amateurs, of dance and live music, held in Ostuni.
A work that investigates and supports the poetry of the body through the techniques of instant composition, whereby dance and music are composed in real time.
The dance and musical elements of the performance merge to create an architecture directly connected to the natural and urban landscape.
Movement and sound transform the space, being in turn transformed by it.
The aim is to unite different artistic realities, making different languages and cultures interact with each other, to renew the moment of dialogue with the landscape in a direct confrontation with the audience.

THE PROJECT was born in 2021 in Berlin and received several awards in 2022, both from the culture section of the German Senate and from the Goethe-Institut in Naples.

By and with: Stefania Petracca, Rossella Canciello, Roberta Ricci
Performers: the participants of the Intensive Lab at Casina Settarte, Ostuni Italy - 16-22 July '22

MUSIC: Uygur Vural (cello) - Marialuisa Capurso (voice, electronics)

2022 July 21 - Comune di Cisternino presso "Centro Padre Massimiliano Kolbe"

Jul 15, 2022


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