• October 1st - Common Ground

Tanzfabrik, Berlin : Impro duet with muscian (Holger Bey- Electronic)

  • August 12th-13th &17th -18th - 19th “Only Human”

Dock 11, Berlin : Christine Bonansea Company 


  • July 20th- 30th “Fate of the galaxies”

Soun D ance Festival, Dock 11, Berlin : Collective One:Third, ensemble

  • July 9th / 17th “The Pose” Costanza Macras

Akademie der künste, Berlin : Costanza Macras

  • June 4th “Light Blue”

Common Ground, Tanzfabrik, Berlin : Snow Treasure Figure Bones , ensemble (with Barbara Toraldo, Anni Lattunen, Gábor Hartyáni, Alex Zampini)  

  • May 28th “ Light Blue”

“Imprevu”, Urbanraum, Berlin -  : Snow Treasure Figure Bones - Ensemble (with Jasminka Stenz, Lea Barletti, Barbara Toraldo, Anni Lattunen, Gábor Hartyáni, Alex Zampini)  

  • April 21st “InOut&Between”

Lake studios, Berlin, Performance project (with Gábor Hartyáni)


  • Februar 11th IMPRO

MusikTanznulldreissig, Tatwerk, Berlin- (with: Jasminka Stenz, Robbert Van Hulzen, Gábor Hartyáni) 




  • September 17th Konzert Abend

Engels Café, Berlin (with Jasminka Stenz, Anni Lattunen, Gábor Hartyáni, Alex Zampini)             https://vimeo.com/188276187

  • June 10th Piolect Tractíon

Improvisation dance and violoncello . with Remy Belanger de Beauport (CAN)- June, 48 Stunden Neukölln / Kunst du uns?Festival  in Artistania, Berlin

  • June 11 Fate of the Galaxies.

Labor Grass, Berlin 


  • May 10th - October 2016 3x3-three minutes stories looking for a title

Impro-dance night in La Bettolab, Okerstrasse, Berlin (with Manuela Lucia Tessi, Lea Barletti)/ ( with Lea Barletti, Anni Lattunen, Barbara Toraldo)

  • April 2016 Impro duet

 project for a performance. 7 Minutes Fame- , Stammtish Berlin, with Elena Flautista

  • Januar 29th 2016 MusikTanz030

Istant Composition: MusikTanznulldreissig (Manuela Lucia Tessi & Friederike Wndorf).Club der polnischen Versager - , Berlin



  • November 8th In Out & Between

Impro-project performance.Possible Memories 15* in Tatwerk, Berlin

( https://vimeo.com/158327640 )

  • Februar 27th till October 23th: Tourné “Fate of the Galaxies”

Fate of the Galaxies. performance of COLLECTIVE ONE:THIRD.      Sophiensaele 100 grad Festival , Februar 27th - WINNER of the JURYPREIS NR. 2 der SOPHIENSAELE / Weekend 100 Grad in Theater Kana,  Stettin Poland (https://www.facebook.com/pages/ONE-THIRD/533030400135503) October 23th/ Coffi Festival July 11th, Berlin / Sophiensaele, Best of 100 grad festival Berlin March 31st, April 1st, Berlin / Kulturwerkstatt Danckelmannstrasse March 22nd, Berlin / Ida Nowhere Performative Friday March 3th, Berlin / Eschschloraque March 3th, Berlin /

  • May 16th

Anonimous Letters from Sarah.Impro concert-dance for 3 musicians and 6 dancers of COLLECTIVE ONE:THIRD. Tatwerk Performative Forschung,  Berlin

  • June 20th

Anonimous Letters from Sarah-Studio nr 2 for 3 musicians and 4 dancers. Festival “ Kunst Du uns?” Artistania , Berlin

  • September 18th-20th  / May 30th-31st

In Out & Between Workshop. Tatwerk, Berlin



  •  co-foundation of the impro-dance group COLLECTIVE ONE:THIRD


2013 - 2011

  • Teacher of dance for adults in “La Comune di Bagnaia”, Siena - Tuscany, Italy - Regular courses and Workshop

  • Collaborations with different reality of the area as teacher of clownerie for children, Tuscany

  • Performances in theater and street-performances with CircoCarciofo as a clown and actress  http://www.circocarciofo.org , Italy - Switzerland - Germany

  • Dance-performances producted for the group ONCE - La corte dei miracoli, Siena

  • Dance-projects with Ran - Network (THE LOOM) - Prato - Tuscany, Italy

  • Il Circhino. WANDA CIRCUS Street performance. Summer 2011, Italy around

  • Project Doctor-Clown for the association BAMBINI NEL DESERTO, December 2010-januar 2011, Burkina Fasu - Africa


2010 -2006

  • Dancer for LAS FURA DELS BAUS. Project Quadrilogy of Wagner. 2006-2009  TEATRO DEL MAGGIO FIORENTINO, Firenze - Tuscany, Italy

  • Dancer for ELECTRA di FAUST. TEATRO DEL MAGGIO FIORENTINO, 2009 Firenze - Tuscany, Italy

  • Diploma In Contemporary Dance, C.I.M.D. of Franca Ferrari, June 2008, Milan - Italy

  • CLown teacher in regular schools for  the association I MAPO, winter 2006, Milan, Italy


Since 2008 gives " Movement and Dance" as regular class and from 2016 she is a teacher of Kreativer Kindertanz and Clown&Dance in different dance-schools in Berlin : Balance Art Studio, Tanzbasis, TanzZeit Berlin. She got in 2016 a Certificate Bewegung Pädagogin für Kindern in 2016 by Ahab Akademie, Berlin.


2005 - 2002

  • 2004 start of School of dance of Franca Ferrari. C.I.M.D , Milan, Italy

  • Artist and Clown for children in FORTE VILLAGE RESORT, Summer 2004 - 2005 Cagliari - Sardinia, Italy

  • First experiences as a street artist - various places (Tarrega, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Barcellona) 2002 , Spain

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