Snow Treasure Figure Bones

We met in the multidisciplinary Improvisation scenes of Berlin and Amsterdam. We started to work together united by the urgency to research and perform instant composition. Our drive is to create pieces based on a common poetic practice that evokes the Now as a timeless state. It is important to us to leave space for accessible narratives which invite the audience to interact and inspire us.

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Light Blue is a tone, an evoked image, a colour, a mood through which this performance is composed. We do not know where we're headed, which tonalities will be included throughout our journey, what kind of landscapes we will visit or which part of ourselves will emerge. The present awaits us, as the future unfolds in the back of our heads.

This is an unshaped land where the borders will be touched by unforeseen architectures of temporary relations.


Jasminka Stenz

Barbara Toraldo

Lea Barletti

Anni Lattunen

Stefania Petracca

Music by: 

Gábor Hartyáni (cello)

Alex Zampini (electric guitar)

Performed in May 2017 at Imprevu# evening of instant composition, Berlin