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June-July Workshops

Instant Composition Practice
ONoFF Contemporary dance

The work addresses the instinctive and immediate nature of gesture in all its expressive power by means of instant composition or contemporary dance techniques. A physical journey through awareness of body movement. As well as a place for the imagination, where we engage in creative investigation of compositions, choreographic interactions within space and with others, perception and listening. 

Varius places : Instanbul (On-Line) 21.06; Sharing Training Salento 08.07

The work proposes an investigation in contemporary dance techniques and composition through a physical and sensitive practice.

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Istant Composition Practice

June 21st  H 19.30/21.00

Istanbul - On Line - Zoom


Registration: E-mail

ONoFF- Contemporary Dance

July 8th  H 17.00/19.00

Brindisi (Italy)

Sharing Training Salento 

Registration:  E-mail

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