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It Is Only Sound That Remains

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By Forugh Farrokhzad

(1935-1967) Persian poetess


why should I stop?

the road passes through the capillaries of life,

the quality of the environment

in the ship of the uterus of the moon

will kill the corrupt cells.

and in the chemical space after sunrise

there is only sound,

sound that will attract the particles of time.

why should I stop?


why should I stop?

cooperation of lead letters is futile,

it will not save the lowly thought.

I am a descendant of the house of trees.

breathing stale air depresses me.

a bird which died advised me to

commit flight to memory.

the ultimate extent of powers is union,

joining with the bright principle of the sun

and pouring into the understanding of light.

it is natural for windmills to fall apart.

why should I stop?

I clasp to my breast

the unripe bunches of wheat

and breastfeed them

sound, sound, only sound,

the sound of the limpid wishes

of water to flow,

the sound of the falling of star light

on the wall of earth's femininity

the sound of the binding of meaning's sperm

and the expansion of the shared mind of love.

sound, sound, sound,

only sound remains.

in the land of dwarfs,

the criteria of comparison

have always traveled in the orbit of zero.

why should I stop?

I obey the four elements;

and the job of drawing up

the constitution of my heart

is not the business

of the local government of the blind.


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