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In Out & Between

“ The state of dancing is BETWEEN a thing and another,
it happens IN a situation of transmission through the space,
as well as the music is a state of emission,
and that is because the dance is OUT of the body”.
Franca Ferrari

INOUT&BETWEEN is an idea and an investigation on movement linked to spatiality, relationships, events, music vibrations. It want to cast an eye at the “Uncomfortable Zone" of the contrasts, including the limits that have to be tested and crossed in order to create.
Wherefore, if “In Out & Between” cast about contrasts, and what they generate in dialectic references, why don’t work as well on those social-aspects that they are including ….namely on MISTAKES ?

Live music: Florian Costantinides
@Tatwerk Berlin
Live music: Gábor Hartyáni (Cello)
Dance: Stefania Petracca

Precedents edition: Josef Carpenter (Saxophone), Rico Notarnicola (Drums)

The research work with other musicians land to the idea of “Mistakes”, and what they generate as humorous tips, till we started to work about a simply story in order to give form to our performance:
The story of a dancer, looking for her moment of fame and the smash of that purpose.
The misfire of the starting is the first of a serie of mistakes that bring the audience together, for empaty with the usuccess. They become complicits of her mischances where the musician would be like the intermediary between them and the performer
From a sort of fix choreography that never has the chance to unreel, a series of changes and obstructions, stopping and wrong notes are the challenges for the dancer.
How the performer would react to the changes could produce mistakes, inventions or funny re-inventions of the movement.

Till an happy end of reconciliation.

Concept: Stefania Petracca
Live music: Gábor Hartyáni (Cello)
Dance: Stefania Petracca
#Unfinished Friday vol.37, Lake Studio, Berlin April 21st 2017

Precedents edition:
Music: Josef Carpenter (Saxophone), Rico Notarnicola (Drums)
Dance: Stefania Petracca
Work in progress, Possible Memories 15, 06.11.15 - 08.11.15
Tatwerk Performative Forschung
Filming: Elisa Intet, Valerie Nikolay
Sound recording: Daniela Lunelli | FarF Studio

Jun 15, 2015



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