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Embodying Landscapes

Embodying Landscapes @Summer Festivals, Berlin:
PAF-Performing Arts Festival, Kultursommer Berlin, Stadttheater Spandau.
EMBODYING LANDSCAPES is an instant composition practice and body work, as well as a site-specific performance project.
MAY 21/22 & 25-27
As part of this year's PAF Berlin, a workshop has been held at Dock 11 on 21/22 May 21st and 22nd, to bring participants together in creating the final site-specific performance, featured in the Performing Arts Festival program.
Together with the cellists Gábor Hartyáni and Hannes Buder, the performance was at Berlin's Körnerpark on 25 - 27 May.
JUNE 27th
Three selected performances from this year's PAF - Performing Arts Festival Berlin programme will be presented at the Parkaue in Lichtenberg as part of the Berlin 2022 Cultural Summer Festival: "Embodying Landscapes" enters into a dialogue with the public space and brings together different artistic realities through dance and music.
JULY 1st
As Programmpartner des KULTURSOMMERFESTIVALS BERLIN 2022, we were invited at Sommerfestival Stadttheater Spandau

Concept and choreography:
Rossella Canciello, Stefania Petracca, and Roberta Ricci.
Performers: with the Dock 11' s workshop participants , Berlin- May 21/22

Music: Hannes Buder, Gàbor Hartyàni - Perfomance @Paf and @Kultursommer
Music: Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson - Perfomrance @TheaterSpandau

Costumes: Rossella Canciello, Stefania Petracca, and Roberta Ricci.

July 2021 - Casina Settarte, Ostuni, Italy
May 25-27 - PAF, Performing Arts Festival Berlin, Körnerpark
June 27 - Kultursommerfestivals Berlin 2022 - Theater an der Parkaue - Junges Staatstheater Berlin
July 1 - Stadttheater Spandau

May 21, 2022


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