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sab 03 feb




Dance & Composition workshop


Orario & Sede

03 feb 2024, 11:00 – 04 feb 2024, 17:00

Berlin, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Info sull'evento

In this workshop, we will delve into the narrative and expressive possibilities of dance gestures in connection with images, perception, and the sound of speech. Using Instant Composition tools, we will engage in a practice that includes the voice and merges the musicality of poetic languages. A path that allows us to experience and refine our intuitions, leading towards new creative processes and forms of communication with others... moving from poetic text to bodily stories.

Through intense physical work, we explore movement in its immediacy and instinctive nature, linked to space-time-musicality. This practice follows then the trail of language, in order to experience how the voice shapes emotions and how gesture,

crossed by words and stories, might become an instrument of memory and metamorphosis. We will explore the sound of words and their physical reflections by incorporating texts from international contemporary female poets. A methodology that relates body and mind with intuition, imagination, the present moment and memories.

We dive into all these elements to find a space for compositional exploration, choreographic interaction with others, perception and deep listening.

The use of voice and sound in poetic languages opens up access to the imaginary and foreshadows boundaries of new territories within to perform and create.

Informed by recent research, the workshop will integrate texts from contemporary authors, and participants are encouraged to bring their own text of choice in their native language. On the second day the work will be supported by a musician.

BODY NARRATIVES ©Stefania Petracca

WHERE: Dock 11- Saal 1

WHEN: 03-04/02/24 H 11-17, 6 hours+short break each day

COST: 120€ unique price 

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