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Dance Classes - Autumn session

Class Description

The course offers a journey into dance for those with minimal experience and for those who want to continue their development and gain new skills.

We begin the class by enabling vitality and dynamism through energy exercises and floor work. We use the tools of contemporary dance techniques to empower, stretch and strengthen the body. Through a practice implying body awareness, we explore the organization and correlation of dancing movement, to enter deeply into the body and let it unfold its natural expressiveness. From this physical space we move on to the imaginative one. A place to engage in the creativity of improvisation, in interaction with others and space, to find the musicality, instinctive and immediacy of gesture.

A physical journey through training in contemporary dance. As well as a place for imagination, where we engage in creative investigation of compositions, choreographic interactions, perception and listening.

We dedicate ourselves to unexpected territories where we can enter with mind and body, voice and music, present moment and memories.



H 6 pm - Studio 2

Where: Mime Centrum, Bethanien Mariannennplatz,2 - Berlin

Class Description

The class is open to anyone who is interested in getting involved and connecting to listening, regardless of level. 

The work is an investigation on movement anchored to contemporary dance and based on perceptions and  body awareness, mainly for the joy of experiencing movements in space, testing one's potential and individual expression.

The class results in a dynamic mix between listening,  energic exercises and rhythmical  steps regarding coordination.  We align the body and dive deep  into its physicality  by introducing  a specific somatic or technical task. We gradually unlock distinct tools and explore several variations of contemporary dance principles: weight, space, time, dynamics. We play with changes of speed and energy, spatial relations and projections, through different lengths of sequences and guided improvisation. The aim is to reach a dynamic state that leads  body and  mind into a fluent dance. The personal presence is engaged and liberated, expressing itself with its own specific language.

Movement Dance  open class
Contemporary Dance

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Contemporary & Morning Classes

Class Description

The course offers an approach to movement for those who have little experience, and those who have and wish to continue their development. 

We begin the day by giving it vitality and dynamics through body awareness work and energy release. We use the basic tools of contemporary dance to co-ordinate, stretch and engage the body in its natural freedom of expression, finally to let go the mind and thoughts slide.

Coordination exercises, stretching, flow work, improvisation and small phrases will be the instrument of the trade. Interpretation, imagination and perception will be your key. 
The foundation of this  work is the body's cognitive capacity. It experiences the world through movement. This basic cognitive function in childhood develops a conscious and dialectical relationship between body and mind.  The goal is to achieve a dynamic state that moves body and mind into a fluid dance, and to carry this fluidity with you, in order to face the day and the rest of the week with positivity and strength.

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Improvisation Practice

Class Description

The work proposes an exploration of the techniques of improvisation and instant composition through a physical and sensitive practice.

The improvisations are to create compositions on the moment, individually and in interaction, in this case with the space. In concrete terms, we exercise our proprioceptive capacities through a physical practice, in order to listen to and develop our internal perception of space and time, which, once recognized, we can then play out in our external actions, and use consciously. We will also try to implement exercises of Synesthesia, (a  Greek origin's word meaning 'to perceive together') to enter into the deepest part of ourselves and engage imagination and fantasy. 

We want to dedicate ourselves to ourselves and to play honestly, to surprise ourselves and to explore the balance between freedom and constraint.

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